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Become the Future of your Industry

By collaborating across disciplines, we create new solutions at the intersections of design and technology, and marketing that help businesses find the next wave of growth and win the next generation of customers.

We at Growth Graphers have built an exceptional team who leave no room and go even beyond our bounds to make sure you achieve your goals!

Tech Innovations

We help you harness the cutting edge of tech to boost operational efficiencies, ensure faster time to value, and revolutionize customer care. Our service offering is built around helping you launch and sustain your digital transformation long-term.

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Mobile App Development

Whether it is a consumer oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, we develop IOS to Android to Hybrid Apps with complete backend support using AWS.

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Web Portal & Web Application

We use advanced frameworks namely JQuery, GitHub, React, Angular.js, Sass, WordPress, Ajax, and X cart to make a user-friendly and informative interface for your users.

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Custom Software Development

We build innovative custom software solutions that enable enterprises to unlock the power of new tech and propel their digital transformation.

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Leverage our Machine learning, data science, and Artificial Intelligence expertise to drive better business outcomes, minimizing downtime, identifying outliers, and outage predictions.

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Cloud Engineering

The cloud is a catalyst for enterprise business transformation and a game-changer for how organizations operate at scale. We empower the enablement of experience, application platforms, and data on the cloud.

Digital Growth

We craft robust digital strategies that serve your target audience the information they need to become loyal customers. We strengthen existing relationships and generate new leads through tailored audits, personalized content, and systematic data analysis.

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Multi-Channel Campaigns

We develop comprehensive digital marketing & campaign strategies specifically tailored to achieve your defined business goals.

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Brand Communication

You have a product and you need to build a messaging that strikes a chord with your audience. Our communication expert can get into the sleeves of your audience to make them understand & use your product.

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Media Planning - Media Buying

We manage large and small online ad budgets with a focus on Omni -Channel advertising: Social Media Advertising, Paid Search, OTT Platforms, Podcasts and other emerging platforms.

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App Growth Marketing

From User Acquisition to User Retention, our experts build growth hacks to acquire relevant users for your app creating a right mix of strategies that retain and keep your users engaged.

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Social Media Optimisation

With our unique SMO process, amazing content and creatives, we build your brand and convert your 'followers' into 'brand ambassadors'.

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Influencer Marketing

Leverage from our 1M+ database of Influencers from various niches to amplify your brand story so that it reaches your target audience across digital platforms.

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Understanding the complete science of your user journey, from Discovery, On boarding, Retention, Our data scientists go deep by identifying various data points and derive actionable insights to get most from the campaigns.

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Deep industry knowledge and novel tactics keep our clients in, and ahead of, the conversation.

Creative Solutions

Using tools and tech solutions to create clear, easy to use software that helps to define user journey on your website or mobile app, our experienced designers develop meaningful UI/UX designs that are most conducive to the product’s success and bring advantages both for your company and your users.

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Digital Branding

A strategic process to help your brand establish a platform-agnostic identity and presence.

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User Experience Design

Creating holistic, usable and well structured digital experiences that incorporate best design practices and standards.

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User Interface Design

Designing aesthetic, delightful and visually appealing products that are functional and enjoyable to use.

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Interaction Design

Simplifying human computer interactions to yield intuitive, seamless and task-oriented outcomes.

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Digital Prototyping

Making a prototype of the final product and testing it in real time to get inputs and reliable user feedback.

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Illustrations and Iconography

Crafting stunning, visually consistent sets of icon styles and illustrations, in line with all relevant brand guidelines.

From concept to launch, we can help you at every stage!

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With our GG Growth Model, take the steps to becoming a market leader to ensure long-term success. Create your vision. Learn. Adapt. Innovate. Grow. And continually improve.


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